Designrr is a software application developed by PageOneTraffic, a content marketing software company.

Since inception in October 2011, our focus has been to identify problems with online marketing and build software that solves them.


Our strategy is (and has always been) to help small businesses and agencies create and promote relevant content with minimum effort.


Designrr launched in April of 2016. The application has been received extremely well by business owners, marketers, bloggers, and authors. It’s grown to almost 10,000 users in just six months and continuing to grow fast.

Designrr is an online tool that creates beautiful ebooks or lead magnets from one or more web pages. It removes all the clutter like sidebars, social icons, adverts, navigation so you end up with pure, clean content in your book.

Founder & CEO

Paul Bannister

Paul Bannister is the founder and CEO of PageOneTraffic Ltd. He has been building software for over 20 years.

Prior to 2011 he worked with Nike, Statestreet Bank, Adidas, Carrefour and DeutschePost building large enterprise SaaS platforms – which are still in use today. He has been involved in 3 start-ups, the last of which sold to Taleo Inc for $38 million in 2011.

He founded the company in London, July 2011.   In 2013 he moved the business and his family to San Diego to launch and grow his content marketing platform Kudani. In addition, to adding his latest cloud based software Designrr.

The ‘For Dummies’ brand chose Kudani to help explain content marketing in their February 2016 book and worked with us to produce a mini ‘Content Marketing For Dummies – Kudani Limited Edition’ for our customers.

Technologies we use:

Founder & CEO

We build products that change the way you do business.

We work hard to continually advance our skills in our chosen specialty so that we can bring the very best to our customers.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO
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