Sqribble Review vs Designrr

Competition is good!  Seriously I believe that competition in any industry strengthens the market, validates what you are doing and accelerates innovation.

When someone clones software, wraps a new skin on it, adds some bells and whistles and launches it as ’Never been seen before, amazing software’ – this is not innovation.  This is effectively stealing.

The Sqribble Review

In this case the software Sqribble is a new tool that creates ebooks.  It’s uncannily similar to Designrr which I’ll get into later, in the meantime you should understand a more important reason you should avoid this software.

The real loser is the customer.

The people behind Sqribble run a business model called ‘Launch, dump, Launch, dump’.  It’s a cycle where they can only generate revenue on the initial launch by paying affiliates to promote it.  In this case $35,000 is being paid to affiliates who drive the most sales.  This is where their marketing skills end.  It’s the difference between having a real product or a business.  A business is in it for the future.  Long term growth.

You, the customer ends up with no future bug fixing, enhancements or roadmap.

And sometimes with no software at all:

This has happened to their previous products: PixelStudioFX and SocialStudioFX have both been sold on to other people.   At the time of writing I checked on these 2 products:



and their other ‘launch’ Pixelstudiofx:

Neither work any longer.

So the customer ends up being scammed, and its not the first time:

The “ballers” behind it are making “so much money”, they take photos in front of their “Rolls Royce”…mmm


or next to piles of cash promoting the next “Make money on online” opportunity.

Then there is the marketing…

Normally when I talk to my colleagues in the software business about copycats, they tell me to ignore them.  “It’s not the software but the marketing that matters.”  This is true to some extent, but when the copycats then start to copy the marketing messages and ads, well then it just gets plain silly..

Here is the Designrr one, we’ve been running since 2016:

The new Sqribble animated AD:

Designrr Ad (since 2016):

New Sqribble Ad:

What about sales copy?


Designrr (since 2016):


What about the software comparison?

 On the surface their software look super glossy, and I have to give them credit for hiring a good graphic designer.  Its just a shame they had to copy everything just to make some short term cash.


Designrr Import Content tool:

Sqribble Content Import tool:


Essentially they’ve just modified the wording a little compared to Designrr

For example:

The Designrr Image Search:

The Sqribble Image Search:


I could go on with every feature that is a duplicate of Designrr, but I think you get the point.  Lets cover off lastly what you get with both applications and the price:

With Sqribble the funnel price is:


Here is a table illustrating the differences:

Lastly, and probably one of the most important factors is support.

Sqribble uses the standard helpdesk ticketing, where you wait for an answer the next day or whenever.

Designrr has built in chat support with a team in each timezone so they can respond promptly and directly with a solution.

The support team is also probably the only one the planet that offers one-on-one training on demand.  When you need it, you request it and our team will find a time-slot that works with you and give you direct training.  All free of charge.

Is this review biased?

Yes – I’m comparing a copycat to our own software that we’ve evolved over the years according to our customers wishes, and I know that won’t happen with them.  So I’m gutted for the customer buying Sqribble who will end up with something useless in a few months time.


To summarize, the best reason for getting Designrr over Sqribble, is that we’ll be around next year, and the year after that.  As we have been since 2016.


With over 51,000 customers, an 8,000 strong Facebook group and with hundreds of features already added and hundreds more planned.  Do you want to buy from a copycat or an innovator?


Need more proof? Check out our latest features that we have added.

Create Flipbooks With 1-Click

Create a Book from Facebook Posts

PDF to Flipbook Features, Templates and Search

New DropBox Integration Feature Automates the Transcription Process




Update November 6th: Pixelstudiofx and SocialStudioFX have ‘miraculously’ appeared again.

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